January 19, 2022 12:30 PM
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Welcome to the Noventis Credit Union Merger Voting site 
Thank you for your interest in the recommended merger between Noventis Credit Union, Access Credit Union, and Sunova Credit Union.
Voting for the recommended Special Resolution for the amalgamation of the Credit Union with Access Credit Union Limited and Sunova Credit Union Limited is now open.
To make an informed decision, please refer to the Amalgamation Agreement here.
  • Voting period: January 25, 2022 @ 9am until January 27, 2022 at 6:15pm CST.
  • To vote: Enter your login information below and click Login
  • Who can vote?
    • Members in good standing
    • Members 18+
    • Members that have a $5 capital (common) share
  • Eligible members are entitled to cast one (1) ballot
    • If you have a joint account and each have a $5 share you can both cast a ballot.
    • If you only have one $5 share between both of you, you will be able to vote on behalf of both joint account holders on one ballot.
  • Incorporated Business members:
    • Must sign a Certified Copy of the Resolution of Directors for your business. This must be completed by January 27th @ 2pm and submitted to the Credit Union to obtain a unique identifier to login in.
Results will be shared through our website and in our branches and at our Special Meeting of Members on January 27th.
Thank you for your participation in the future of your Credit Union. For each member vote a donation to STARS Air Ambulance will be made.

Last 7 Digits of your Noventis Member Card/Debit Card Number
Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY)

Disclaimer:  Each member holding a minimum $5 common (capital) share is entitled to one vote. To preserve the integrity of the voting process, you may only cast your vote once. If, due to an error, the Credit Union receives two ballots from a member, the first ballot received by CUES (Credit Union Executives Society, the credit union's voting partner), will be counted as that Member’s vote.


For help, email the Noventis Contact Centre at info@noventis.ca or call 1-844-826-6500.

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